Ceramic Bubble Bath - 1 gal

Ceramic Bubble Bath - 1 gal

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Ceramic Bubble Bath - 1 Gal
Si02 Infused Car Soap
A single step wash & protect with a rich coat of ceramic Si02. Use in a bucket or with a foam cannon for thick suds that will leave a glossy and silky smooth finish with no soap residue. For the ultimate protection, follow up with a light mist of Ceramic Spray Sealant.  
Bucket use: Add 3 ounces in a bucket. Rinse the area to be treated with plenty of water to loosen up dirt. Using a soft mitt, wash in sections and in a straight line, top to bottom. Rinse and move on to the next section. Always use a 2-bucket method to keep your mitt clean between sections.
Foam cannon: Add clean water in your 32 oz foam cannon and leave room to add 3 oz of soap. Lightly shake to mix. Start by rinsing off the area to loosen up dirt with a 25 degree nozzle tip. Start foaming from bottom to top. Using a soft mitt, wash in sections top to bottom and in a straight line. Clean your mitt regularly as it gets dirty in a bucket of clean water before moving on to the next section. Rinse off with a 40 degree nozzle tip and dry vehicle with a soft towel. Add Ceramic Spray Sealant for the ultimate gloss & protection.

Ingredients: Alkylbenzene sulfonic acid 68584-22-5, Sodium C10-16 pareth-2 sulfate 68585-34-2, Sodium hydroxide 1310-73-2, Benzene, C10-16-alkyl derivatives 68648-87-3, Laureth-10 68002-97-1, Sodium bisulfite 7631-90-5.

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