Correction & Ceramic Combo

Correction & Ceramic Combo

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This COMBO saves you 25% from regular retail pricing and it includes 1 x 16oz bottle of each of the following:






About One-Step Polish

A revolutionary single-stage, clear-coated polishing cream that will correct swirl blemishes, scratches and bring dull hazy paint back to shine. Amazing results on even new harder paints. Minimal dust. For mirror-like finish, follow up with our Finishing Polish.


About Ceramic Spray Sealant SiO2 Silica

High Gloss Sealant is a hydrophobic spray SiO2 silica protectant with a high gloss finish. High Gloss Sealant combines element resistant quartz into an easy to use spray, forming a long lasting protective layer on any painted or hard surface. This product can also be used as a "Ceramic Boost" on surfaces that have been Ceramic coated.


About Ceramic Bubble Bath - An Si02 Infused Car Soap
A single step wash & protect with a rich coat of ceramic Si02. Use in a bucket or with a foam cannon for thick suds that will leave a glossy and silky smooth finish with no soap residue. For the ultimate protection, follow up with a light mist of Ceramic Spray Sealant.  
For directions of use, please reference our individual listings of these products or feel free to call/email us.

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