DI Cylinder Rentals

Deionized water system (DI) for your home or business

Our DI Cylinder rentals save you time and money with spot free deionized water




ODxHT Inches**







1.6 10x40 140 LBS 8 GPM 800-1100
3.6 14x47 275 LBS 15 GPM** 3000-3400

*Based on 275 PPM. Actual gallons produced may vary on quality of water being used.
**Peak flow for 3.6 cu.ft. 14” x 47” units is 20 GPM.

  • Mixed-Bed De-ionizers provide the highest quality in ultra pure water – only one tank is needed
  • Requires two hoses to operate
  • In/Out Hose Kit provided
  • Jumper Hose Kit provided if needed
  • TDS Light available for purchase

Socal Wax Shop portable DI cylinders will remove the elements that create water spots when you wash your vehicle. Using our ultra pure deionized water will provide you with extra time when drying your car or fleet of vehicles.

Our Deionized water system is ideal for the following:

  • Mobile auto detailing & washing
  • Fleet washing
  • RV washing
  • Large vehicle washing
  • Personal car washing
  • Boat washing
  • Window washing

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