Wash & Gloss Soap SoCal Wax Shop 16oz

Wash & Gloss Soap SoCal Wax Shop

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Wash & Gloss Soap Thick Foam

by SoCal Wax Shop 


  • 16oz
  • 64oz 

How to Apply

Bucket Application: Rinse Vehicle, Add 2 oz of Wash Venom to a 3 gallon bucket. Apply Wash & Gloss Soap in a cool area with a soft sponge or mitt, rinsing each area after wash is complete.

Foam Cannon Application: High pressure foam cannon use undiluted; low pressure dilute 1/1. 

About Wash & Gloss Soap

Wash & Gloss Soap is a highly concentrated foaming car wash that is PH balanced to work with even heavily soiled vehicles. Wash Venom creates rich suds that rinse easily and is designed to work perfectly with foam cannons.

New Look

Previously a Venom Car Care product - Wash Venom. Learn about our story and new products.

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