Hi-Tech Magna Shine Headlight Restoration Kit

Hi-Tech Magna Shine Headlight Restoration Kit

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Magna Shine Professional Headlight Restoration Kit


  • Increases Vehicle Value
  • Improves Headlight Performance
  • Increases Night-Vision Illumination
  • Saves Replacement of Expensive Headlights
  • Refinishes up to 12 Headlights

Restores dull and discolored plastic headlight lenses so they look and perform like new. A repair takes only about 10 minutes and is both safe and easy to do. Kit will repair at least 12 lenses. Improves headlight performance, increases night-vision illumination, saves the cost of replacing expensive headlight components, increases resale value.

Kit Includes:

  • 2 oz. of lens cleaner prep
  • 2 oz. of lens seal kote
  • 12 micro-grit silicone carbide sheets
  • 4 poly-foam applicators
  • 1 microfiber cloth
  • 2 nitrile gloves

Easy to use, two step process:

Removes oxidized yellow/brown surface layer imbedded with grime and contaminants without damaging plastic surfaces

Seals and protects lens surfaces from future deterioration

Contents suitable for up to six (6) vehicles (12 headlights)


1. Read important notice on packaging before continuing.

2. Determine what level of oxidation damage has occurred. Use chart on packaging.

3. Using masking tape, mask of perimeter of headlight to prevent scratching of painted surfaces or chrome by finishing sheets.

4. Use Lens Cleaner Prep to finish in all steps for levels of oxidation. This specialized cleaner is recommended for micro grit sheet lubricant as well as a cleaner to prep plastic headlight lenses for Lens Seal Kote. Make sure to keep headlight wet while refinishing surface.

5. Follow all steps that are applicable depending on oxidation damage.

6. Clean one final time with Lens Cleaner Prep.

7. Apply gloves.

8. Apply Lens Seal Kote to 2" Poly Foam brush. Apply to headlight using side-to-side brush movement.

9. Turn light on for faster dry time.

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