Finish Renu Xtreme Renu

Finish Renu Xtreme Renu

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Finish Renu

Xtreme Renu


1 Gallon

  • Heavy duty exterior wash
  • Strips wax clean
  • Dissolves away grime
  • Concentrated Formula, Dilute 30:1

Xtreme Renu is a great wash for RV's trucks, big rigs and tractor trailers with stubborn stains, grease, road film and more. Xtreme Renu will effectively dissolve away all grime; fast and efficiently. Xtreme Renu can also be used to clean automobiles.


  1. Rinse vehicle with water to cool surface and remove excess dirt and grime.
  2. Dilute Xtreme Renu 30:1 in a bucket for general cleaning.
  3. For heavy duty truck washing dilute 15:1
  4. Apply Xtreme Renu to surface using a wash pad or sponge type applicator.
  5. Rinse vehicle with clean water and dry with a chamois or towel.

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