Finish Renu Wash & Wax

Finish Renu Wash & Wax

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Finish Renu

Wash & Wax


1 Gallon

  • Pleasant Grape Fragrance
  • Concentrated Formula, Dilute 164:1
  • Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax
  • Biodegradable Car Soap

Wash & Wax Car Soap is specially formulated with unique surfactants that create a rich dense foam that lifts dirt from vehicle surface leaving a just waxed look behind. Wash & Wax is a neutral pH formulation which is safe on all automotive paint surfaces and is environmentally friendly.


1. Rinse vehicle with water to cool surface and remove excess dirt and grime.

2. Dilute Wash & Wax 164:1 in a bucket of water. Wash & Wax can also be used in automated machines, dilution will vary depending upon system.

3. Apply Wash & Wax to surface using a wash pad or sponge type applicator.

4. Rinse vehicle with clean water and dry with a chamois or towel.

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