Finish Renu Diamond Gloss

Finish Renu Diamond Gloss

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Finish Renu

Diamond Gloss


1 Gallon

  • Interior/Exterior Dressing
  • High Shine Sprayable Formula
  • Enriched with UV Protectants
  • Banana Scented

Diamond Gloss is a concentrated hi gloss premium water based dressing that is formulated using special emulsions that help protect the surface from drying and fading. Diamond Gloss produces a rich, long lasting, high gloss shine on rubber, vinyl and plastic and works great for interior or exterior surfaces.


1. Clean area to be treated using the appropriate Finish Renu product.

2. Spray Diamond Gloss on area to be dressed with a clean cloth or sponge.

3. Allow Diamond Gloss to dry and wipe off excess product.

Precaution: Do not use on vehicle controls, motorcycle seats, painted floors or any other surfaces where slipperiness may be dangerous due to loss of control.

Warning: Ingredients used in emulsion style dressings combined with compounds released from automobile tires may cause staining to flexible body panels.

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