Microfiber Wash Mop Kit

Microfiber Wash Mop Kit

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Microfiber Wash Pole Kit

Included is the 54" Telescoping Pole, 15" x 4" Mop Head and 18" Microfiber Chenille Velcro Pad.

  • Mop Pads easily attach and detach via velcro
  • 54" Telescoping Pole
  • 15" x 4" Mop Head rotates 360 degrees
  • Trapezoid shape makes for cleaning hard to reach places
  • Mop folds completely flat to reach under furniture and appliances

This Microfiber Chenille Velcro Pad has many uses including:

  • Washing Vehicles
  • Waxing Vehicles
  • Dusting Floors
  • Mopping Floors

The microfiber mop works great for washing and waxing vehicles. The microfiber mop is also great for both wet and dry mopping. Use it on your kitchen floors, tile floors, or hard wood floors. It also works great for dusting your ceilings. The pole is telescopic extending to 4.5 feet. The 15" x 4" mop head rotates to all angles for cleaning in tight corners and under furniture. The grey inserts on the corners allow for 16"x16" microfiber towels to be attached to the mop head.

The pad is a super absorbent Microfiber Chenille Wet Mop Pad. It has excellent absorbency and scrubbing capabilities. It attaches to the mop hardware via velcro, and can be removed and laundered hundreds of times.

The extra long fingers are good for soaking up spills. We also recommend this microfiber mop pad for mopping floors with deep texture, and getting into tile grout lines.

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